Rebound Scriptures!

So I recently rebound some of my friends new scriptures! It’s been really fun doing this cause you really get to capture someone’s personality! One of the girls is a rodeo girl, and so for her I used real cowhide leather, it still had the fur on it which gave it a beautiful cream and brown pattern! For the clasp I used turquoise  beads and a leather strap! They turned out really nice! Here they are!

It was really fun to make theses ones, and the inside has a lighter turquoise paper, and I added bookmark ribbons and book ends to each book.

The other girl I rebound scriptures for is Samoan, and she had a tapa cloth with her, it is a handmade fibrous cloth that is handpainted with beautiful patterns. In that culture they give tapa cloths whenever there’s a big event in someone’s life, such as graduating, getting married or having a baby. So they’re really special. She gave me a part of her tapa cloth and I rebound her scriptures in it! Here they are!

I used natural paper for the inside paper, and used rope and a kukuie nut as a latch. I also used hemp for the bookmarks. I love how these turned out, and it was so fun giving these to my friends, they both loved them and that made my day!








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