Hunger Games a must read!

So, since this blog is all about books, I’ll be posting on my latest favorite books as well. I recently read the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and it is such a page turner! You probably have already: a)heard of the books, b)read them, or c)can’t wait for them to be made into a movie,  just like all the other trilogies that have been turned into movies lately! 🙂 I actually had 3 people tell me, on the same week and completely randomly, that I should read them! First my roommate in Seattle was devouring them and said they were really good, and then my roommate Mer in Utah told me about how good they were, and then later  my sister, Shara, in North Carolina said they were great, so I decided I had to read them myself to find out! Of course I was told to wait until the 3rd book had come out, cause I would go crazy waiting! So, I did and they were right!  In any case, it is a great story that combines the future with the feeling of the past! This book is about a dystopian society set sometime in the future, after the demise of America. The country is now called Pan-em and it is comprised of The Capitol, who lives in extreme luxury and gluttony, and 12 Districts that are basically the capitals slaves. Every year in Pan-em they have The Hunger Games which is a televised reality TV show, kind of like American Idol, except that the contestants are comprised of 2 youth from each province, that are randomly chosen to go and fight to the death! There can be only 1 survivor, they have to “Outlast, Outplay and Outlive” their competition, literally! The heroine of this story, Katniss Everdeen, is from District 12, the most destitute and outlandish district. She is a stubborn survivor who has to hunt and fend for her families survival. When her tiny little sister gets picked for this years hunger games Katniss selflessly steps forward to take her place. This is the beginning of the turning of events that lead Katniss to becoming a National icon of rebellion, called the MockingJay!  So that is all I’m really gonna say about the plot cause you need to read it for yourself, but it’s definitely a page turner, and even has a little love triangle going on! So it’s got a little bit of something for everyone: romance for the girls, action packed drama for the guys, and a lot of political/human commentary for the intellectuals. I thoroughly enjoyed it, for all 3 aspects! SO, go and read it, cause it’s a great one, the next Harry Potter,  I would say. 🙂


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