Books, Books, and more Books!

So these are a few books that I have made, most of them are journals, but some are rebound scriptures! I really enjoy creating something that is beautiful, unique, and functional!This book is a coptic bound journal with a ceder wood cover. It smells so good!

This is a journal with oriental paper and white bookcloth on the spine. It was pretty fun to make!This is a mini Book of Mormon, it is hardbound and has a ribbon bookmark.

I made this journal for my dad, it is covered in real cow hide, with the fur! It was pretty fun to make, and kinda tricky getting the fur to lay flat!

Here’s the back!I love the beautiful colors and patterns created by the hide!

This book has a softer paper casing, made with what’s called cave paper, I also hand sewed the accent thread, and ceramic button to give a little pop of color!

Here’s another journal with a wood cover, I drilled the wholes in the board and sewed this book up in a coptic binding.

This is a rebound Book of Mormon, the paper I used had a scalloped edge which looks really nice with the black book-cloth on the spine.

Here’s another rebound mini Book of Mormon with some fun poka-dot cloth!

This book is another Book of Mormon that is covered in cork paper, with brown bookcloth at the spine. I love how this book feels, it’s real cork!

This leather journal is one I made for my brother in law, it’s covered in distressed leather, and a leather tie.








This journal is 0ne I made for my roommate, I got an old book, took it apart and rebound it as a coptic bound journal, some of the pages of the old book are interspersed throughout the journal. Here’s another picture to show the inside! I had a lot of fun experimenting with this book!









This next book is one I made in my bookbinding class, and it was actually in a book art show in BYU”s library last march! That was pretty exciting!

This style of book is called a Dos-e-do, that means it has 3 separate textblocks that are put together into one book, usually it is made as a coptic bound, or open back book. Mine was unique cause it was a flat-back style book. It also has a beautiful clamshell box that I made to match!

Here’s another pick of it upright, and spread open.

Well that’s just a few of the books I’ve made, and I want to keep doing it! I’m going to make a wolf journal for my sister’s neice! That’ll be fun! Not exactly my style, but it’s for a Christmas present so it’ll be fun!


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