What is it about Books?

What is it about a good book that is so fascinating? Is it that each time you open one it takes you into another world? One where you can dream, assume, and escape? Or is it that you can gain knowledge of the unknown or unfamiliar? Whatever it is, books are an essential part of our society. They’re storage units for knowledge, stories, secrets, and dreams. They can be dear to our hearts, bringing smiles to our faces full of  memories of fun adventures and love, or bring us to tears with their tales of woe.

I think the best thing about books though is that a book holds endless variety, because all it’s really doing is capturing thoughts, a book can’t exist without a writer, unless it’s blank, waiting to be filled! So books are essentially a human domain. In fact, they’re a lot like us, mostly cause we create them in the first place. 🙂 But each one is unique, and full of potential, unfortunately, most are cast aside without a thought.

When they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, it’s true! But we usually do anyway, and miss out on some amazing things. We judge a book by it’s cover, just as we judge others. Some are pretty and we want to read those, but they’re usually filled with frivolous tales of princesses and frogs or even vampires. Others look boring, or historical and we avoid them, especially if they’re really long (unless it’s Harry Potter of course)! Then you get those few that are just right, not too long, not too pretty, and full of great fun inside. Those are the best books, and they often aren’t extremely flashy.

Anyway, I’m not saying anything against judging books by their cover, I do it all the time. It’s kind of human nature. I mean, as a bookbinder sometimes all I do look for is the cover! 🙂 The quality of the binding and paper or leather used can make a huge difference  to me. But, what I am saying is that we should be more aware of what we could be missing out on, so next time I go to the bookstore I’ll think about why I’m buying a book, is it for the cover, or for the story on the inside! Truthfully, it’s usually a little bit of both.


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