Book; by Design

Book; by design simply means that you make a book by designing it yourself. Every book has a design, and that design was chosen by someone usually by a personal preference, or sometimes by the preference of the person their marketing to, however sometimes that design isn’t ideal.

I am a bookbinder: meaning I make books. I buy the paper, tear it or cut it to the size I need and make the textblock. I then sew it up and cut out binders board for a cover. I then cover the board with whatever paper I choose, and get to custom design my book. It is so much fun. I love the ability to make something that is beautiful, artistic, and yet usable. Here are a few I’ve already made.

A journal, with a ceramic button.

Another journal, with a deckled edge of the paper.

A fun Dos e Do style book, with a clamshell box.

My brothers scriptures rebound in leather

It’s been so much fun to be able to design books! Every time I make one I can’t wait to see how my idea will turn out! So this blog is devoted to books, and bookbinding. I will be posting all about books; books I’ve made, books I love to read, the history of bookbinding and even some tips on how to do bookbinding or how to preserve your old books. I want everyone to be able to custom design their own books as well; your journals, your beloved heirloom books that are tattered and torn, or those well-loved paperbacks that are never going to make it past 5 years. That’s why I want to start a bookbinding store to help people customize their own journals, or rebind and preserve their old beloved books. It’ll be coming soon, but it’s still under construction, so to speak.


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